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Body Treatments

The body treatments detailed below are very beneficial to your general health - as well as the feel good factor associated with them. Our bodies are covered with clothes most of the time and forgotten about, but they need just as much love and attention as our hands, face and feet. The benefits of body brushing and massage alone are endless.

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Slimming Lymphatic drainage

A rolling effect massages and stimulates the lymph system, and reduces the cellulite and helps swollen feet and heavy legs by the application of a gentle pressure over ankles, calves and thighs. You will feel much lighter on your feet after this treatment.



Suction Pump Massage - SMP

Low pressure is used to massage the deep tissue, toning the connective tissue by a suction process. This results in better shaping of the body through cleansing, toning and tightening of the skin and soft tissue.




This treatment is using ultrasound to tackle excess acidity deep down – one of the causes of cellulite and slack skin. Ultrasound is painless. The micro-massage procedure activates enzymes and boosts the metabolism, targeting problem areas on stomach, thighs and buttocks. A 15-minute session applies special active ingrediance during the massage Slimline Faradic Faradic technology is a form of electrical stimulation that uses a higher intensity current than microcurrent stimulation and so is ideally suited for firming and toning body muscles.

The current is delivered through electrically conductive pads that are positioned over specific muscle groups. The current is a low-frequency alternating milli-amperage current delivered in a series of short pulses a few milliseconds in length.As the current passes through the conductive pads it stimulates the motor points of the muscle triggering a visible muscle contraction.

By varying the intensity of the current, the pulse length, wave form and the rest period between each muscle contraction Faradic treatments can be customized to the needs of each individual. Faradic technology can be used for the toning of wasted muscles, and for stimulating the blood supply in wasted limbs. When applied aesthetically faradic therapy is traditionally used for body contouring, slimming and toning.Each treatment session provides a form of passive muscle exercise. A typical 20 minute stomach treatment is the equivalent of doing 300 perfect sit ups.